Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hope,Faith and a Special Couple

Life is a journey. It is filled with moments of happiness, joy, laughter as well as heartache, discouragement and fear. Moment by moment, we fill our lives with memories, good or bad. Memories that can fill us up or tear us down. It's all a matter of perspective and choice.

This morning I woke very early and couldn't get back to sleep. Alot has been going on in my life's journey the past few years...moments that have left my heart broken and moments that have brought me joy. Moments where I've just wanted my burdens to be lifted. The thought kept rolling through my mind " go to the temple" I try to attend the temple about once a week and I love the peace the temple brings. I kept fighting it...hoping to fall back asleep...that wasn't to be. I rolled out of bed and got ready for the day and headed to the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. It was 8:30am. I did an initiatory session and then went to the celestial room to think, ponder, and pray.

As I entered the room the first thing I noticed was how bright is was. The sun was coming in the east window, which is a beautiful sight to behold. I don't think I've ever been to the temple at that time of day...the brightness was welcome and reminded me of a "brightness of hope". I've been trying to keep hope alive lately..sometimes it's not so bright however.

I sat a one of the couches, prayed, cried a little, and just soaked in the suns rays and the peaceful feeling. I scanned the room. There were about 10 other people scattered throughtout. There was the older woman who seemed to be shaking from what was either old age or a disease of some sort, the sisters who hugged in a warm embrace as they met each other, the middle aged couple who were quietly talking, another woman wiping tears from her eyes, a man with the look of a heavy burden on his face...then I noticed the couple.

They were sitting on a nearby couch. They looked to be in the 20's. I saw his face first. He had a big smile and the light in his eyes was filled with so much joy. I noticed the yellow tag attached to his shirt that read" sealing room" I then realized this couple was soon to be a matter of moments. He was talking to his soon to be bride, she was smiling and gazing at the beauty of the room. He would sometimes gently stroke her cheek. She was a beautiful young woman and I could feel the happiness and joy that they both must have been feeling. I continued to look around, ponder and pray. My thoughts turned to my own wedding day...almost 29 years ago...those feelings of love, happiness, fear...but feeling the Spirit so strong, as I sat waiting quietly to be called to the sealing room with my soon to be husband.

I glanced at the couple again and that's when I noticed something I hadn't before. It was her hands and her arms. Both of her arms were deformed...only about 8-10 inches long from her shoulder down. One had had 2 fingers and a thumb, the other had 3 fingers and a thumb and that is the hand she wore her ring on. The young man would gently take her hand in his, she would lift her little arm and rest it on his back. Suddenly a flood of emotion came over me and I felt as if my burdens weren't nearly as troublesome anymore. Here was a beautiful daughter of God, who has lived, and will continue to live, her whole life with these hands and arms. She has probably had to deal with some very hard "moments" because of the "imperfect" body she was born with. And even though the world may see her as imperfect... God and this young man love her anyway and see her as perfect. They were soon called to their sealing room and I watched him take her little fingers in his hand and escort her out the door. What a joyous moment for me to see.

I left feeling uplifted and ready to take on my own challenging moments....knowing that along my journey, I have a loving Heavenly Father who loves me and does life my burdens if I want him to,for the blessings the temple brings in my life...and for hope and faith...for sometimes that's all we can have in our challenging moments.

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  1. Thank you for continuing to inspire and uplift. I am constantly amazed at your willingness to seek out the bright side of situations and focus on the best. I know the Lord is blessing you and will continue to bless you because He loves you!!! :)